Easy-to-use payment solutions for merchants and customers

When we need speed and ease of payment, we must realize that the popular methods do have their drawbacks. There are advanced payment solutions that provide us with the ease of use. 


The checkout experience

If you have an eCommerce business, then you will know that the check-out portion of converting a customer is an important step to making a sale. Because of this, the method that you, as a merchant, choose for your customers to make their payments is essential in getting them to finish that conversion.

A payment solution

Having an easy-to-use payment solution is something that every merchant should have if they want to give their customers a smoother purchasing experience and become more successful with their online business. But how do you know if the online payment solution you choose will do just that? Here are a few things that these payment services should be able to do:

Seamless integration

As a merchant, you shouldn’t be bothered about having to figure out complicated coding just to integrate your payment service with your website. It should just be as easy as embedding something through the backend of your site for it to be up and running immediately. The faster you get it up, the faster you will get customers to make their purchases.

Payment methods

Another thing that you should consider when looking into online payment solutions is the number of payment methods that they have available. The more they offer, the better it will be for you. This is especially true if you are catering to an international market since different parts of the world prefer different methods for paying online.

No account required

Another way to know if the payment solution that you choose will get a better reception from your potential customers is if they don’t require you to have an account just to make a payment. This makes things easier for the customer and won’t require them to open up an account with an online payment service if they don’t have to.

Less information needed

The less sensitive information you ask from your potential customer, the more willing they will be to make their purchase. This also cuts down the time that it would take for them to buy what they want. There are online payment services that only need limited information from the customer to get their payments processed.

Security provided

The easiest way to provide the privacy and security that your customers would need as a merchant is to find an online payment solution that is already PCI compliant. This way, you won’t have to apply for the compliance yourself and you can assure your potential customers that the sensitive information that they share will be more secure.

Email transfer

One of the most popular payment methods is PayPal. A forerunner in the money services industry, there is a competitor that challenges PayPal by offering the secure payment system of email transfer that enables you to send money to nearly anyone worldwide.