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About Us

Common Thread is a Community Service Cooperative whose members are individuals  who make our products or support our work in other ways and organizations that are committed to similar goals.

The idea for Common Thread came up in 2006 as a way to provide a more reliable stream of work for sewing programs. 

We are a social enterprise: a business with a primary social purpose. Common Thread’s main social purpose is creating employment. We provide sewing training and production coaching for newcomers to Canada, people living with mental illness and others who thrive in our flexible work environment. Our secondary purpose is environmental:  We reclaim street banner material that would otherwise go to the landfill. 

Our production takes place in a beautiful space in East Vancouver that we share with Craftworks and Threadworks . We also accommodate sewers who prefer to work at home

We work directly with customers who purchase products in bulk from us. We also work with promotional companies in Canada and the United States. 

Once a contract is in place we coordinate production among our network of producers with the assistance of our sewing teacher and coach. 



A group working on upcycling Canucks banners into reusable bags
Our Design Team: Azadeh, Morgan and Michelle
“From the moment our delegates saw the colourful tote bags and notebooks, there was great excitement. They asked: “Where did these come from? Who made them? How did you make this happen?" It was our pleasure to showcase the street banners that graced our City and the stories behind the bags.”
Sara Neely,
Canadian Association of Gift Planners
Vancouver Island Roundtable